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Suggest a new Monster

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Hi Everyone

feel free to suggest a new monster here, if your idea will be good it may even be added into the game :)

1.Jelly block - range atack + melee attack + after kill splits into 3 small jellies
2.Normal Rat - melee atack + retreet
3.Evil Rat - melee atack + chance to poison



My turn!
-Druid: physically immobilizes player using vines, and uses ranged attack. Drops scrolls on death
-Mimic: plays a chest in the overworld, but if walked on attacks whatever stepped on it. Drops potions and scrolls on death.
-Bat swarm: in patches like spider nests, image would be a flurry of bats(in one tile would be 4/5 bats in the sprite). Would attack as many times as there are bats(e.g. if there are 3 bats in one tile, would attack thrice). Can be found 5-9 at a time in 3x3 boxes.



>-Fever goblin (red goblin) It always runs and does not attack, has ability to move several blocks at once, can activate invisibility and drops acid. Each time it takes damage it drops small 1-3HP health drops and when it dies has chance to drop gold/gem.
>-Stone Golem. very very rare but appears when mining normal rock, once killed has chance to drop scroll/potion
>-Werewolf. starts out as humanoid and has weak HP, all other enemies will attack him and then he transforms into wolfman and has high HP/Attack. if killed in human form drops scroll/potion. If killed in wolfman form only has rare chance to drop minor mana. the idea being you speed kill him in human form or use him to attack other monsters as wolfman.
>-Plague Lich. Diseased undead, only does low damage, once killed it resurrects within 1 turn, it will always resurrect unless cured. The idea being the player has to either teleport/run away or use an antidote on the Plague Lich. the antidote kills it, and then it drops 2potions.

PS please NO jelly blocks! they are such a lame monster, i dont know why Anime games are obsessed with them.


You are here » Caves (Roguelike) - Forum » Development » Suggest a new Monster