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Online mode?

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Do you plan to create an online mode for the game? I think that would be the cherry of the cake :3 (my language is not English, sorry if I wrote something bad).



No, I don't have plans for online mode. Because online mode will be unplayable with such game mechanics



Hmmmm.. i guess its also very complicated.. but the idea is very good. First Player 1, then Player 2..... and at the end the AI. ;)



This will not work. Because you will need to wait for EVERY action of the other player, even if the other player is on another side of the map. You can't move from point A to point B without stopping in each cell in the way, even if the other player is on another side of the map.



I imagined that the second player is playing with you against the AI and of course you have to wait until he makes his move even if he is out of sight, but playing it together with a friend for example (local multiplayer or bluetooth connected)) it would be very fun and cooperativ. Dont scrap that idea to early. It could be the breakthrough for Caves. This is just my opinion and my only aim is too improve this game until its top 100 in google play store!



Multiplayer mode maybe fun but that is really too early and difficult for the game. There is still many things more worth to do. Many old stuffs in the game is not balanced with the new ones. I wish I can see a overall direction among the updates.

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You are here » Caves (Roguelike) - Forum » Gameplay » Online mode?