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Wt if I unlocked everything in shelter

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*English as second language

As a long-time and die-hard fan to Caves, some questions came up to me at this stage:

1.Is there a leader board to see how far did others go?

2.after times of reaching location 20+ it seems that there is no items/enemies/constructions new beyond, except the ratio between stats and figures
e.g. losing the same proportion of HP allows me to recover an amount of energy that afford more use of skill.
Have I reached the peak of playability?

3. Being roguelike, Caves brought me so much fun even I was just a location 1 to 2 mining prospector. What's more, the diversity of item, enemies, armor, buildings... and the chemistry among them have generated zillion of styles to enjoy the game. However, the chemistry is only enough to immerse me like I am having an adventure throughout location~1-10. You know, repeating the only three types of caves is quite unable to give me a feeling that I am going deeper and deeper, but repeating some kind of training (admittedly with GORGEOUS customizable combat). In short, would there be more types of caves, or better story implying location/construction. I do not mind waiting for a long time, I just really hope Caves and this type of game  develop further in this day and age.

Excuse my wordiness, but still, numerous thoughts remained in my mind. I'd be glad to chat more with anyone interested.



1. The leaderboard is in plans
2. I have in plans to add some very rare and maybe "easter egg" items to locations 10+
3. More dungeons variants are in plans too. And also I have a lot of ideas, but realization needs a time. And maybe not all them is fully realizable


You are here » Caves (Roguelike) - Forum » Gameplay » Wt if I unlocked everything in shelter