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Hunger makes life more challenging

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Along with the difficulty modifiers, hunger made my decisions desperate. Srsly, some of the food gives negative effects, like biogel and strange meat. Since the latest update, fire potion cooks raw foods (this is obvious after reading the item name with "raw"), it decreases the chance of triggering the bad effect while increasing the fullness sustains. Magic powder's alt usage is to create new food from  untrampled grass, but redrawing the runic altar is far harder due to the constant starvation. :confused:



It's true, also the mushrooms (at least the red ones) are now food and they do not cure you

Does activating hunger give any benefit?



Yes,  like small health regeneration and effects from the food (strange fruit gives positive magic effect). Hunger mode also amplifies the harshness throughout your survival, granting more immense gameplay  :rofl:


You are here » Caves (Roguelike) - Forum » Gameplay » Hunger makes life more challenging