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Ranged Gameplay Balancin Issue's

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Hey it's me again😁

First of all I'd like to clarify yet again, that this hole article is based on my opinion, and if you don't agree at a certain point, feel free to join the discussion.

In this topic I wanted to cover and discuss (if someone finally replies on my topic's) why the Ranged-Mechanics at the current state of the game simply can't compete aginst the Melee-Mechanics.


[Contra - Range - Ammo & Goldwaste]
To start of, a huge advantage of the Melee-Mechanic is that it has no ammunition, which for sure will run out at some point, what means that you can't use that weapon-type (;Pistol, Bow, Shotgun, Machinegun, Granadelauncher and Plasmagun) until you obtain more ammo, whereupon you have to waste a turn to change the weapon. Or you simple waste a ton of gold at the shop to buy ammo for you current weapon, but consider to avoid to buy to much ammo of one type, because you could get a better weapon during the level, which doesn't suit with your ammo-type, but in both cases you would lose gold.

[Contra - Range - Diagonal-Shot / 2-Tiles Range]
It's Clear to say, that you can damage monsters, which are 2-Tiles away from you. This allows the player to shot twice if a monster walkes towards you, whilst you stand an shot. This will only work, if the used weapon hasn't to reload. Also if the monster stands diagonally you can take two shots, before it can hit you.
Even though it provides an advantage, that you can hit the enemy twice as often, as you could with meleeweapons, the benefit gets diminished, because of the fact that if several monster engage you (for Example; The Mop up Squad) this benefit only applies one time and even then you might have to reload.
In addition, when the ammo hasn't run out until then, there are enemies that can teleport themselfs nearby you, which furthermore provides a drawback to this mechanic.

[Contra - Melee - Engagement]
The longranged-weapons offer a benefit in the engagement against longranged-enemies, since swordsman have to waste a turn to approach, in which the enemy can hit him and he losses some health, during the counterpart simply stands and shots.

[Contra - Melee - 8% Energy & Healthreduction per hit]
Some meleeweapons will always reduce 8% of Energy or Health per hit. Usually a Hammer with more damage then normal. I've never used such weapon, because even the granted Bonus Damage, AoE and Effekt (like; Armor Reduction, Curse) combined aren't good enough to sacrifice 8% of your Health or Energy
per hit.
Only when low on Health or Energy, the sacrifice becomes profitable. (For Exmple; You have 10 energy left and hit a monster, then you'll only lose 0.8 = ~1 Energy)
On the whole this mechanic gives those powerful meleeweapons a even more powerful disadvantage.

[Pro - Melee - Teleport/3Target-Sword]
In the other hand if you've ever noticed, that the portalkeepers, which teleport and heal themselfs all the time, commonly drop two unique designed swords, one light-blue, the other orange-red, then you most likely also noticed the heavy-hitting damage it can deal, let alone the two powerful effects it has.
The 3Target-Sword is my sword to-go, because i like the play style, the look and the extra-maneuverability it provides, by slicing the monster and plopin' up behind 'em.

[Pro - Melee - AoE, Acid & Electic]
Furthermore the Hammers can be devestating, if you manage to get one without the annoying 8% per-hit-effect. Often they come with AoE-Acid-Effect or an AoE-Electic-Effekt, which both easily kill in the Dungeon's (Sub-Level), because they have to line up at the door.

[Pro - Melee - No Reload or Ammo]
And at last but not least the most gamebreaking argument, why a ranged-gamestyle downright hasn't a change against melee, because meleeweapons don't have any type of reload or more important ammunition.


I played a ton of hours and i'm confident to say that in the current state of the game there's no way (without buying gold from the ingame-shop or save a lot of it and with that you restock every type of ammo from the homebase, on every second level) to go further/deeper in the dungeon, when you playstyle is ranged.
I normally play full meleeskill (5) and rest luck (2) or full agility (5) with same luck (2).

The game right now makes a lot of fun to play, but with those changes, it's gonna be astonishing. That's why I really hope that in the upcoming updates the ArmorStats and the RangedMechanics get adjusted and balanced.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this.  (Especially 36dev)

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No reply? 😂



Ranged gameplay balancing will not changed in near future, because this is my favourite class and I think that its balancing is ok, and remember that the ranged class has claws and daggers melee weapons which has good damage. So this is a very controversial issue. Also I very rarely spend gold on an ammo.
The hammers do not work like that. They spend 8% of the maximum. And if the current level of health/energy falls below the some minimum value, then no health/energy is spent, and bonuses are lost



Yeah man thx for the reply. I still think it needs some adjustments, especially on the ammo problem. Maybe it's just me, who thinks that way. And thx for your explanation and reply, appreciate it.


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