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More on Home Portal

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Thank you for a magnificent game.  The gameplay, animations, sound effects and the graphics (oh, the graphics!) are masterful!  I have become all but addicted.  My favorite game.

I'm a  Level 7 "Prospector".

I have finally, after 119 "deaths", explored all of Location 1 ("Caves"), the Acid Caves and the Ancient Ruins - and still "live", happily still with lots of good weapons, armor & supplies.

But...  I can find nowhere to go from here.  The Home Portal appeared the first time I entered the Acid Caves.  After finishing in the Ancient Ruins, I used it to return "home" to the Shelter.  Not knowing what to do there, I went back.  On entering the Acid Caves the second time, the Home Portal was pronounced "lost".  The building remains, but the portal does not work anymore.

So...  I explored the Acid Caves again, then back through the Ancient Ruins several times (I noticed the splash picture changed the second time, but everything in there is as I left it).

I cannot find anywhere else to go or anything else to do.  Am I stuck?  Is there a way to activate the Home Portal again?  Is there something I am missing?

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The home portal appears on every second location. You can reactivate it with a very rare energy core item. So we can say that this portal is disposable. But It will appear again on the next location with even level number.


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