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Tips Tricks & Strategies

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Hello Everyone

this topic is to share your best tips and strategies for different encounters and monsters

1.If you have a shooting monster its very good to retreat behind the door and wait for the monster to open them, this way you will have advantage of a first hit.
2.If facing 2+ strong monsters use a Random Teleportation potion on one of them and kill the other one.
3.If facing 3+ strong monsters you may want to kill 0-1 and then use random teleportation potion on yourself.
4.If you have an experience ring you may want to leave all the ores for later dig regular stones and dirt kill monsters THEN use Experience Ring and collect all the remaining ores (+exp)
5.Try to do long runs and collect green gems, improve your character with energy management you will see how greatly it can help. If you do a run only for gems skip the ancient ruins and Labs.
6.Never use the plasma gun in corridors unless you want to die.
7.This may be obvious to you but it wasn't for me, when you put Inversion scroll on yourself you will be healed when you apply poison on yourself. Good for saving real healing potions.
8.Own one weapon with vampirism, when facing weak opponents like spiders, flies skeletons use it and collect HP gems from them. Good way to heal yourself.
9.Thunder hammer will still work even if you run out of energy.
10.Bomber goblin - use energy speed or portal jump to kill him and remember do not turn off the energy speed, move away and then turn it off as he will always explode and hurt you.
11.Try to find talisman that give you protective field upon receiving damage, its very useful.
12 to be continued...

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@Inth For future reference, what's the farthest you've gotten?
K, here's a pretty nifty tip.
-Always go through the vending machine and ancient ruins, as they both can contain blueprints.

-In ancient ruins, look for broken walls. Chests in those areas have a high chance for blueprints.

-If facing a shooting and a melee enemy in the ruins, always retreat before attacking. The shooting enemy will not react until the next turn, so you save health.

-Use energy before you lose health. You can break crystals for energy, but health is more difficult.

-In levels 5+, all of your gear is especially important. You'll get to the point where abilities won't be enough, and you'll burn through pets, potions and scrolls. Even if it's a potion of poison, you better hoard any usable item.

- If you see the green-gray loose rocks, always break them. They have almost no harm if you play it safe, and drop everything from maps to potions to scrolls and weapons. And enemies(minor detail).

-In level 10, almost every crystal you break will have a golem. Although it sounds bad, they all drop 3-5 gems, so it's really good for farming. If you take the 2/3 hours and hit level 10(my Max so far), it's a really good idea to go for this as any farther would be very difficult.

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My max is depth 8 so far, probably could go deeper but i get distracted and wander down the labs and get 1 shot by a blood hammer mob

i usually pack armor that gives bonus to teleport strike with a katana. If im using teleport strike a lot, i try to max out melee damage, so i try to get a berserkers skull

Also, the rooms with 2 chests behind 4 spike traps? To avoid damage summon some weak skeletons on the spikes and after a couple hits the traps break :)

Havent had much luck with ranged, and agility gives me mixed results.

Anyone know what level bomb upgrade maxes at?



for What is made magic dust?



You use Magic Dust on rune tiles to recharge them.



tim wrote:

Vous utilisez Magic Dust sur les tuiles runes pour les recharger.


Thanks you☺


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