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Full Game Tips from Starters until Experts

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Hello dudes, first I would like to express my love for this game, and certain anger for it being very hard and having made so many bad mistakes in the start of my game play (I love it OMG).

In this topic I'll post gradualy many tips and orientations to make your life easier.

I consider myself a pro gamer and prefer not reading guides and to have a great load of digital sufering.. so if you are a masochist like me dont read this topic... Cause it will reduce the sufering you will have muahahah

My english isn't a Marvel and far from being perfect so.. perdon me haha

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First some early and general tips:
-Dont WASTE your emeralds. Any with non permanent upgrades, any with gunner or melee tonics.. and any with the merchant or vending machine PLEASE
    *Here's what you should do with them first:
      1 - unlock and max invisibility skill (in another section i'll make a review about the skills)
      2 - max energy comsumption upgrade to 75%
      3 - unlock quick reflex
      4 - up energy/damage converter at least to 25%
      4 - bomb upgrades
      6 - shock barrier
      5 - later you worry about the other upgrades
    *Heres's why
      1 - you will Die A LOT anithing non permanent will
      disapear. Until you do the upgrades i listed with the
      emeralds, at least try to not  waest them!
      2 - gunner or melee skill upgrades only bring REALY 
      good changes if you spend near 72 gems and you
      WILL DIE INEVITABLY so until upgrqdin almost
      everything please just don't

-the first and best atribute build (my opinion obviously) is STR 3 AGI 4 LUCK 1
      *Here's a quick revision of the skills and
      metanalisis of why do it
       1 - No atribute in level 5 is worth it. In level 5 you
      are weak in the other aspect of dealing damage. In
       level 5 you inutilize the agi or str tonics AND THEY
      HELP A LOT.
       2 - 4 STR help you.. but... AGI and ranged
       weapons deal high loads of damage BELIEVE ME, 
       and you want to be far from monsters to maintain
       your HP and with invisibility with 75% energy
       comsuption and strong ranged... And knowing
       when yo use your energy you will go in deep levels
       in caves
       3 - 4 AGI is not the most OP because there is 5 AGI
       but you dont want to inutilize tonics do you? And
      you dont want to be a dummy when you ammo is
      low not investing in STR do you...?
       4 - LUCK... O luck your bastard... First you have to
      know that there are two things: luck in the game
      mechanics and luck in real life. Even if you have 5
      LUCK you can be pretty unlucky... Well.. in a more
     pragmatic review of LUCK atribute give bigger drop
     rates and criticals. I TRYED IN 30 RUNS WITH 4
     LUCK it doesn't compensate.. why? You don't want
     to depend only on criticals with low str and agi... It
     is truly frustating, believe me. Higher drop rates
     help.. more helth orbs and potions is nice.. but you
     will see you dying with almost full inventory so
     many times that.. well.. it really doesn't compensate
     USE YOUR ITENS (I'll make a post about it ok?)

- Why i suggest (almost force you to use) invisibility
     1 - very LOW ENERGY comsumption
     2 - getting away from the middle of many enemies
     and replaning
     3 - you can AND SHOULD bomb, poison, teleport
     with potions, your enemyes... This my friends I call
     GOOD USE. Nothing compensates losing HP
     NOTHING. The only thing you should acumulate in
     your inventory is AMMO and HP itens

-mine the whole map and farm emeralds and gold. This is aplicabble until in the 4-5th stratum where things get harder... (I'll make another post about it soon)

- use invisibility to be always at least one block from strong enemies (I'll make a review about enemies and whose you should do what) and use croud control itens when relevant

-USE ALWAYS RANGED WHEN POSSIBLE only save ammo when the enemy is weak

-carry all kinds of ammo and a least one ranged weapon of each kind of ammo in your inventory

-SPIDERS ARE FRIENDS dont kill them. Poison hurts A LOT and if you atract your enemyes to them... MUA HA HAHA

-Ancient ruins almost always compensates if you know how to play smart

-TRAPS in ancient ruins... Just walk one step at a time. You can see  subtle shades in adjacent blocks that have traps.. play smart

- Kill the portal boss before entering the ancient ruins.. if you have low resources in the middle of the ruin you should retreat and advance to the next cave


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