Here ya go. One deathclaw-like thing, and one weird blood demon type thing. Both with alpha channel and death animation. The frames are all 16x16.

Please use these in the game if you want, just don't claim that you drew them.

Here are some more forum-friendly previews of what they look like:

Concept for these:

Deathclaw-thing: no ranged attack, harsh melee attack with double-strike. Moves 2 tiles in one go.

Demon-thing: I first visualised this guy as a sort of ultimate hardcore boss monster, but I'm not sure he's quite "epic" enough for that role. He looks like more of a sort of lesser Elder Thing.
Anyway, as the ultimate hardcore boss monster I was originally thinking of, he would have 5HP and be immune from damage by anything except the plasma gun, which does 1HP damage every hit; have a melee attack which insta-kills anything; and once every 40 turns be able to "Dash" to appear right next to the player (but he can't attack in the same turn, obviously).

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